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  Archive Reference: RAES/PIL/DRAW/1/10


A full-sized scale four-view sectioned drawing of a two-cylinder engine probably dating to the mid-1890s. In appendix one of his book, Another Icarus, Philip Jarrett points our that Pilcher wrote cancelled in favour of 1 cylinder, suggesting that it was drawn some years before the two-cylinder petrol engine was built for his triplane during 1898-99. Jarrett's book also contains a possible perspective sketch of the engine.


 Around 1895

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  Percy Pilcher: Drawings (1895-1899)


Influenced by the pioneering glider designs of Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896), Percy Sinclair Pilcher (1866-1899)┬ádeveloped his own series of glider designs in Glasgow from 1893. In 1896 Pilcher's "Gull" and "Hawk" gliders were produced, and Pilcher learnt the art of controlling his machine in the air…

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