Your search query will contain terms, either:

  • Single words - with optional wildcards (see below)
  • Multi-word phrases - surrounded by double quotes, e.g., "authentic report"

You can also use Operators and Grouping (see below) for more complex queries.


Single and multiple character wildcards can be used in single word searches (not within phrase queries).

A single character ? wildcard search finds results that match your term with the single character replaced. Example: To find tent, test or text you could search for:


A multiple character * wildcard search finds any number of characters. Example: To find test, tests or tester, you could search for:


Note: You cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character of a query.


Operators allow terms to be combined. This search system supports OR, AND, and NOT operators (please note: operators must be ALL CAPS).

OR - is the default operator. This means that unless you specify another operator, OR is used. The OR operator finds results where either of your terms are found. Example: To find either authentic report or just papers, you could search for:

"authentic report" papers


"authentic report" OR papers

AND - finds results where both of your terms are found. Example: To find authentic and report, you could search for:

"authentic" AND "report"

NOT - excludes results that contain the specified term. Example: To find papers but not document, you could search for:

"document" NOT "papers"

Note: The NOT operator cannot be used with just one term. For example, the following search will return no results:

NOT "papers"


This search system also supports parentheses to group terms into sub queries. Example: To find either report OR papers, AND athentic, you could search for:

(report OR papers) AND authentic